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Thank you for visiting the website of “Czechia in Australia”, managed by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra.

First of all, thank you for the attention that you have given to our webpages as well as Czechs and the Czech footprint Australia. The number of visits to these pages
– 14 468 to date (4 January 2021) – has brought me great joy. We had ambitious plans for 2020 – the year that we had linked this website to. But as we say in Czech “Člověk míní, pán Bůh mění,” and in the end everything turned out different.

The year started off with bushfires and continued with the COVID-19 crisis. Many plans remained unrealised and others were fundamentally changed. Above all, we had to learn how to do things differently. In the end every problem is also a challenge. Travel complications, the inability to meet in person and the need to quickly share information in situations that were dynamically changing led us to more intensive work in the cyber-sphere. 

The project Czechia in Australia 2020 was originally intended to last for one year. Your interest in the project, as well as newly arisen circumstances inspired us to continue. And so we have changed the logo to Czechia in Australia 2020+, where the plus represents continuation. We believe that this will be good news for our website’s visitors and we looking forward to continue to welcome you on these pages in the future.

Tomáš Dub

Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Australia

Winners of our photography of Australian Fauna competition

1st place


2nd place


3rd place



Perouse the inspirational photographic work of our competitors here:

Online Exhibition: 21st August 1968

On the night from the 20th to the 21st of August 1968, Warsaw Pact troops crossed the Czechoslovakian border and occupied the former Czechoslovakian Republic. This date marked the end of the brief period of liberalisation known as the "Prague Spring" and saw the beginning of the long, crushing period of communism known as "Normalisation". The occupation of Czechoslovakia on 21st of August 1968 shook the world and even stirred up protests and solidarity in the land down under, from government representatives and politicians, to students and the wider public.

This exhibition traces the eventful day of 21st August 1968 and Australia's response to events in Czechoslovakia.

We were honoured having had the most recent round of our photographic competition, on the topic of Australian fauna,
judged by one of the most experienced and acclaimed photographer of Australian nature
Steve Parish

Czechs in Australia

Farmers from Tasmania

I’m sure that our readers know the story of Milan Vyhnálek, known as the „King of Cheeses“, who founded and built the Lactos factory with

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