This page of CiA 2020+ shows a calendar of public events organised by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra in 2020

Australian Open

Czech contingent at the Australian Open tennis grandslam in Melbourne

  • 20th January – 2nd February, 2020
  • Melbourne

One of the biggest tennis tournaments, the Australian Open, is just around the corner. Almost every year the tournament takes place, a multitude of Czech players compete. This year, among others, Petra Kvitová, Karolina Plisková and Tomáš Berdych will be competing. Will any of them be able to find their way onto the podium?

Pokáč Australian Tour 2020

  • 1st February– 22nd February, 2020
  • Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney

Jan Pokorný, otherwise known as Pokáč, will be touring Australia this February. The lyric and song-writer will be kicking off his Australian tour with a concert in Perth on Saturday 1st February 2020 at 7:30pm. Throughout February he will be playing at the Gold Coast, in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Make sure to catch him at one (or more) of his concerts this February!

2020 Multikulturní Festival

2020 Multicultural Festival

  • 21st – 23rd February, 2020
  • Canberra

Each year thousands of people head to the streets of Canberra to catch a glimpse of the colourful performances and diverse stalls, and taste the traditional dishes of a variety of countries. Just like last year, the Czech Embassy will be setting up stall as part of the European Village. Throughout the day we will be informing festival-goers about the Czech Republic, teaching them how to weave a traditional Easter whip, a ‘pomlázka’. The folklore group Kolovrátek will also be performing.


Beethoven in Melbourne

  • 23rd February at 15:00pm
  • Melbourne Czech House, Queenberry Street, North Melbourne

The chamber concerts prepared by Ivana Snaidr and her musical colleagues have always been met with great acclaim. Beethoven and Friends is a celebration of Beethoven’s birth 250 years ago and his friendship with Joseph Haydn and Mozart in Vienna. Many distinguished Chamber Musicians from renowned Australian orchestras will be playing. The exquisite music will be complimented by a reading of the composers’ letters to their beloved, which will give guests a sense of the human element of these genius composers.

7. ročník Českého a Slovenského Filmového Festivalu

7th Annual Czech and Slovak Film Festival

  • 18th – 22nd March, 2020
  • Dendy Cinemas, Sydney

In 2020, for the 7th year running, the Czech and Slovak Film Festival will be taking place. Over 22 films, including short films, documentaries and premiers will be hitting the silver screen at the Dendy Theatre. The Festival will be kicked off with a screening of Jonáš Karásek’s Amnestie, co-produced by Czechs and Slovaks, about Vaclav Havel’s controversial amnesties in 1990. The very diverse line-up at the festival is sure to interest film-goers, who are certain to find something for them in the program.

Divadlo Ranec

  • 22nd February – 21st March, 2020
  • Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wellington, Tauranga, Sydney, Brisbane

Take a trip around the world with Czech Honza, his violin and theatre Divadlo Ranec !

Divadlo Ranec is coming to Australia and New Zealand as part of their tour around the world in 2020. The interactive and educational theatre troupe for children will be performing a musical, travel-themed show.

Czech language competitions for children

There are many creative competitions that you can get involved in to support the Czech language and culture overseas.

At the moment children can get involved in the following competitions:

Project Svatá Ludmila 1100 let

The Czech School of Canberra has prepared for the 2020 School Year Czech language classes, both for younger and older students, a very interesting historical but also current themed project, “Saint Ludmila – 1100 years”.
Saint Ludmila is the patron saint of families and was the first Bohemian and Slavic female saint, many churches and institutions all around the world are named after her.

Our children will participate in this already 5 year running international project to honour the 1100 year anniversary of her passing with a multiple of different styled projects.  Our project outputs include drawings, comics, think maps or flyers.   
Ludmila is inspiring not only as women, Mother and Grandmother living in the middle ages within the royal Přemyslovci family but also as a saint and a symbol of Czech history, identity and autonomy. We will also join the project within other activities which are crossing the border over continents to support the Czech pride.