The fridges at the Beseda club are bursting at the seams in preparation for the National Multicultural Festival

Preparations for the National Multicultural Festival are in full swing at the Czechoslovak club, Beseda. This year the club is preparing 220 kg of potatoes to make ‘Bramborák’ – traditional Czech potato pancakes.

Czechoslovak Australian Association of Canberra and Region vice-president Ales Zezulka with club member, Jan Suchovsky, head of the National Multicultural Festival. Source: CanberraTimes. Picture: Elesa Kurtz

Since the festival began, 25 years ago, Beseda has taken part every single year. Potato pancakes prepared by Beseda members have proven to be a hit in past years. This year they are trying out a vegetarian recipe without pork so that everyone can have a taste of the traditional Czech dish. Beseda’s stand is very popular at the festival and festival-goers can wash down the scrumptious Czech food with Černovar – a Czech beer that Beseda has on tap.

The festival is expected to draw more than 200,000 visitors and without a doubt a large amount of them will be visitng Beseda’s stand for food and refreshments.

You can read an interview with the vice-president of Beseda, Ales Zezulka, over at Canberra Times:

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