Czechia and Australia

In this section, we will be exploring the lives of interesting people and events from the past and present which unite our two distant countries.

Jiří Chaloupka

Czechs in Australia

Read stories of Czechs and Australians. From those, who paved their way overseas, to those who remained largely unrecognized, but whose stories nonetheless highlight interesting aspects of relations between the Czech Republic and Australia.

Jiří Viktor Daneš

Czech-Australian Relations

Information about the founding and development of diplomatic relations between Czechia and Australia. This year we are remembering 100 years from the founding of diplomatic relations with Australia and the last century is full of interesting stories, that it will be our pleasure to share with you all.

Mapa Austrálie

Czechia and Australia

How are Czechs and Australians different from each other and do they have anything in common? Below is a comparison between the Czech Republic and Australia.

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