Czech-Australian Relations

In this column, you will find information about the founding and development of diplomatic relations between Czechia and Australia. This year we are remembering 100 years from the founding of diplomatic relations with Australia and the last century is full of interesting stories, that it will be our pleasure to share with you all. Get a behind-the-scenes look into international relations and follow the story of Czech-Australian relations to this day.

Emanuel Hajný

Emanuel Jan Hajný (1891 – 1972) was the second consular representative of the Czechoslovak Republic in Sydney, but the first of the Czechoslovak community in Australia who tried to register to serve in the Australian army during World War I. Official relations between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Czechoslovak Republic began in 1920. The first Consul General of Czechoslovakia, Jiří Daneš, travelled around Australia conducting research and built a long list of useful contacts. Let’s take a look at one of the other people who worked at the first Consulate of the Czechoslovak Republic in Sydney. Emanuel Jan Hajný was born on

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Karel Franc

Karel Franc, former General Consul of Czechoslovakia in Australia, disappeared just before his planned return to Czechoslovakia. At the end of his four-year term in Australia, the former Consul-General of Czechoslovakia in Australia, Karel Franc’s return to Czechoslovakia was just around the corner. It was the year 1969. After the invasion of Warsaw Pact forces definitively ended the period of liberalisation known as the Prague Spring, and Dubček was replaced by Gustáv Husák, Franc started wondering whether he would return to Czechoslovakia at all. Beautiful beaches and a different-thinking society tempted the diplomat to stay in Australia. Karel Franc was known

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Jiří Viktor Daneš

Jiří Viktor Daneš

The story of the first Czechoslovakian Consul in Australia, Jiří Viktor Daneš, who travelled to every corner of Australia to study geographical phenomenon. Official relations between Czechoslovakia and Australia were established on a consular level in 1920. The site in Sydney where the first Czech consulate once stood is now an enormous concrete parking lot next to the prestigious Sydney University. Read on if you want to hear the story of the first Czechoslovak General Consul. Jiří Viktor Daneš, born 23rd August 1880, became the first Czechoslovakian General Consul in Australia in 1920. The geography professor and enthusiastic traveller remained in

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100 years since the founding of the Czechoslovakian General Consulate in Sydney

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