Through the eyes of Czechs

Dear photo sharing enthusiasts!
At the beginning of 2021, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Australia opened this competition gallery to share the unique and diverse beauties of the Australian continent.
The project should inspire and simplify the decisions what to see and experience on such a distant and vast continent.
Also, we are pleased to present talented photographers of Czech origin.
We thank to all contributors who helped to create this gallery!
Please, let us know if you have a favorite topic which you would like to to display here in the future. 

You can send your images (up to 10 per author) electronically from any camera as JPG in a resolution of up to 15MB. Author’s name becomes part of the exhibited photograph as a watermark ©, optionally also with his/her Instagram address. By submitting your contributions, you agree to their publication on the Czechia in Australia and on the Czech Embassy in Canberra | Facebook 

Flora of Australia

Australian Sculptures and People

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